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Professional AGA Installers in the Ashley Green HP5 area

We have a team of super friendly, qualified AGA engineers who work on a daily basis installing Oil, Gas, multi-fuel AGA Cookers to the Ashley Green area. We consider our AGA fitting engineers to be some of the best in Ashley Green, not only because they have over 30 years of experience but they are also a great team to deal with and happy to assist you.

How long does it take to install an AGA?

An average installation of an AGA Cooker will take between 6-8 hours from start to finish, this doesn’t include tank installation and laying oil and gas lines and flue work. In most cases, if the site is prepped then the engineers will arrive in the morning and have your cooker up and running by the end of the day.

We can supply all services from survey, heating changes and installation of the AGA. Our Ashley Green based team work with minimal disruption to your home and leave you with a working AGA in a clean and certificated way.

Do you have an AGA which needs Installing?

If you have purchased, inherited or been given an AGA cooker which you would like to install then call us on 01494 619551 and we’ll talk you through the important things to consider.

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What do you need to consider about positioning an AGA?

The positioning of the AGA is crucial with Oil Gas and Solid Fuel AGA Cookers, but less so with the new 13 amp Electric. It's important to consider the position in the kitchen in terms of the aesthetics and practicality but also in terms of being able to flue the appliance.

What to find out more about AGA Cookers click here 

Do I need an AGA Flue?

For gas and oil AGAs a proper flue is required. The AGA will need to be installed next to an external wall or have a chimney which the flue can vent into. Early AGA cookers were designed to burn solid fuel, but since their initial production, the AGA has moved on to Natural Gas, LPG, Oil, and Electric.

For some, the chosen fuel type of your AGA will be made simpler by the availability of fuels to your property/area. With the introduction of several electric AGAs that allow for added flexibility, the necessity for a flue liner will depend on your AGA type.

If you're not sure which flue will be required, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is A Fuel Tank Required?

For Oil and LPG AGA cookers, you will need to install a fuel tank outside your house. You will need to have the pipework from the tank to the AGA location in the house. In the case of your property being an old cottage with very thick walls there will need to be a very long hole through the wall to run the supply pipe through. Our team of Ashley Green AGA installers have vast experience working with a wide range of installations so you can be sure that you're receiving the highest standard of AGA installations with extra care taken to your property and belongings.

Is planning permission required?

If your house is listed you will need to apply and get listed planning consent. It's worth checking this before purchasing an AGA to avoid any disappointment.

Not Just AGA Installers, Not Just Ashley Green

Home Counties also have local engineers trained to provide the following services:


We are AGA Service Engineers covering the HP5 area

At Home Counties Heating Ltd, we have a qualified team of local Ashley Green AGA engineers that specialise in servicing your AGA. Regular servicing of your AGA can ensure that your cooking is as delicious and hot as the first weeks of using your new AGA.

This regular servicing ensures that your AGA is operating properly.

For help and advice with ongoing servicing and maintenance, please contact us.

Ashley Green AGA Service Company

Having your AGA serviced for the first time?

Our local Ashley Green customers prefer to use us when getting their AGAs serviced - here are a few tips for your booking:

  • Pre-Book
    We recommend you pre-book your appointment at least a week in advance to help you and our engineer prepare for the visit.
  • Fuel Type
    When booking (where possible), let the office know the fuel type for your AGA and any problems you’re having with the AGA itself.
  • Cool AGA
    Your cooker must be cool for a service visit, so we always advise to turn the AGA off the night before a service.

What will the AGA service entail?

During a routine service, the following actions will normally be taken (this will vary dependant on model and type of fuel being used):

  • Operation of controls and components will be checked
  • Safety devices will be checked
  • Internal flue ways and burners will be cleaned
  • Gas pressures will be checked and fuel rates (oil)
  • All rope seals and gaskets will be inspected or replaced if required
  • Adjust operation of insulating lids and doors where required
  • Verify level and if necessary top up insulation
  • Visually check the safety of oil line and storage tank
  • Check soundness of gas from isolator
  • Check integrity and safety of electrical connections and insulation
  • Make sure the ventilation and flue system is correct
  • Clean circulation fans and/or oven venting fans

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How can we help?

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