With any heating appliance that creates smoke, it is a legal requirement to have a chimney flue lining to safely remove the smoke from your property. Chimneys, and therefore flues, come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to your home's layout.

Chimney flue services:

  • Installation of new chimney flues for Stoves
  • Chimney Flue replacements
  • Damaged Chimney Flue repair
  • Chimney Cowls installed
  • Stove chimney airflow improvement

How does a chimney flue liner work?

It's important to employ a stove expert to install your chimney flue, as there are many aspects to a successful chimney flue liner.

The 3 main areas and their essential components are:


  • Bottom Support Bracket - anchors liner in large chimneys
  • Multiflex adaptor - connects and seals flue pipe to liner
  • Closure/Register Plate - non-combustible sealing plate

Chimney Cavity

  • Insulation - Needed where existing chimney insulation is poor
  • Support Brackets - spaced along pipe, where required
  • Multiflex liner - Main flexible pipe, stainless steel or galvanised


  • Chimney Pot/Cowl - prevents water ingress
  • Flaunching - weatherproof outer seal
  • Top Closing Plate - metal inner seal
  • Upper Vent Hole - prevents condensation

Chimney Flue Repairs

Firstly this is not something we recommend you do yourself. We have often been called out to customers who have had a novice install a chimney lining into a home, with disastrous consequences.

The most common error being the original chimney flue kit has been installed upside down, causing soot build-up and the flue being unable to self-clean.

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Stainless Steel Stove FlueStainless steel flue liner

Modern stainless steel flue liners can be installed with very little disruption. They improve the airflow draw and ensure safer appliance operation, efficiently emitting gases from the appliance to the atmosphere.

Stainless steel flues are cheap compared to relining your chimney with new clay or pumice liners. If you have a twin wall flue system, it can be powder coated to blend in with your property.

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Mains Heating Vs Cost of New Stove

Heating for your home can be a compromise between staying warm and saving money. With the cost of heating rising sharply over the past years, anyone wanting to keep their home warm in winter may see a hit to their finances.

Mains gas hasn't been getting any cheaper either, so even with the best insulation and most efficient boiler you'll still notice your heating bills going up and up. A new stove can make a big difference to your monthly costs.

What if I don't have a chimney/fireplace?

Don’t be put off if you don’t have an existing fireplace or chimney, with the vast range of flue systems now available we can install a wood-burning appliance into just about any home!

We supply a wide range of major stove brands, most of which are handcrafted right here in the British Isles. In addition to this, we have stretched our carbon miles to enable us to offer more contemporary styles with a typically Scandinavian touch.

Hemel Hempstead Home Counties Heating Services

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